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Wolf Painting

A walkthrough on how Katherine created her wolf digital painting...
Wolf Painting image 1
Quick note, click images to view it in a larger size, you'll need to do this to see extra detail.

Here is a walk through of how I made the wolf painting shown below. I hope it proves to be helpful for someone! Please note that this tutorial is more of an advanced walk through. Enjoy =)

Start with a VERY rough and VERY ugly sketch to grab general placement of features.
Wolf Painting image 2
Start blocking in large areas of colour, somewhat determining shadows/highlights at this point.
Wolf Painting image 3
Adding in smaller details. Individual hairs, stains on the teeth, "spokes" in the iris of the eye.
Wolf Painting image 4
Continue adding hair...
Wolf Painting image 5
Getting weak... so... many... hairs... Also threw in a bg. Basically some green scribbles with a blur.
Wolf Painting image 6
Just a little further a long, slowly working my way outward.
Wolf Painting image 7
Getting bored yet?
Wolf Painting image 8
Finally getting to his back ^_^ :
Wolf Painting image 9
Finished - Got too tired to continue. Saved it, cropped it, called it done. Hehehe....

Click to see larger version
This tutorial was by Katherine Dinger, brought to you by Robouk, please post any questions in the forum. Thank you.