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About me, and the site...

I made this section because of a gap in my nav menu :/ but I guess there are people wondering about me so here goes...

My name is Rob and I'm from the UK (yes, that's how I came up with robouk!)

About 2 years ago now, I downloaded the trial of Photoshop® to try to make interfaces for my site, eventually I got more into it and got the full version, I also put up my first page (full of midis and animated GIFS) but I liked it =).

Anyway, I started this site about a year ago, at first it was just a design with little content, then when I added tutorials people liked them so I decided to make more and I also liked the hits. I like making tutorials and teaching because I cannot teach if I don't know things, therefore I must learn, so I benefit too.

Programs I use

  • Photoshop®
  • Dreamweaver®

You can view my lovely desktop here:

Robo's lovely desktop

I'd like to thank....

Id like to say I did this on my own but I didn't, thanks to the good guys at dbm forums and tutorial forums for your help, especially: and everyone who has helped and inspired me =).


If you like my site please link to it, more hits = more motivation.

Please link to , thank you.

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