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Pirate text

Make text appear worn or old, this can also be used on images too...
Pirate text image 1
Create a new image 400x400 px with a white background. Using the type tool type your text onto the centre of the canvas. I have used font Verdana, bold and italic.
Pirate text image 2
Now you need to render the type layer, create a new layer underneath the text layer. Press D then X to reset the colours, select the Paintbucket tool and fill the background of the new layer. Select both layers and press CMD ⌘ / CTRL + E to merge the two layers. Now go to FilterFilter GalleryBrush strokesSpatter and enter a Spray Radius of 8 and a Smoothness of 15, you are almost done. Duplicate the current layer, select the Magic Wand Tool with a tolerence of 15 and select the white background of the new layer and click ⌫ Backspace to delete it. On this layer, use the smudge tool, and gently smudge the outer edges of the text to give it an old worn effect. Now turn the opacity of the text-layer-copy down to 40%.
Pirate text image 3
Now its complete, this could be very good for using when creating old maps etc. Enjoy.
This tutorial was brought to you by Robouk, please post any questions in the forum. Thank you.