Hey, how do you put an icon in my favourites folder next to your site?
Its called a Favicon, you can learn more about it at favicon.com
Hey nice site, will you link me?
If you have a decent site I like, I'll add your link yes.
How do you do that SMS thingy on you main page?
If you go to the downloads section I have the zip available so you can download it...
Does it work for everyone or just people in the UK?
I don't know, try it and then let me know =)
Will you help me or make me some free graphics for my site?
NO, I don't have the time.
Will you review my site or give me advice?
Sure, just post at tutorialforums.com and I'll do my best.
Can I translate your tutorials for my site?
Hmm, not without my permission, e-mail me first.
Can I be a mod at your forum?
We chose mods so don't ask, we notice good/helpful people.
Where did you get your shoutbox from?
Um, I downloaded it from a site, Webfroot! it's awesome!
How do you do that fade rollovers thing on your links?
Magic.... ok go to dynamicdrive.com
Where did you get that DHTML scroller?
Try codephobia.com or bratta.com (GHTML)
I emailed you but you didn't reply, why?
I dunno, I get bored of questions that are all the same, I will try to answer your emails and like receiving them, if it's a Photoshop / software question I'd rather you posted at my forum, thanks.

There ya go, wasn't so hard was it? haha, thanks for reading. =)